IT Department of the Year 2008

The project that consumed a lot of my life in 2007 was the new High Speed railway project (codename HS1).

The common view is that this just consisted of Eurostar moving their train operations out of Waterloo International into St Pancras.

Whilst Eurostar did complete this successfully overnight, we also opened a new maintenance depot “Temple Mills International”; decommissioned the old depot “North Pole International”; commissioned a new international station “Ebbsfleet International”; commissioned the new corporate offices “Times House”; decommissioned an administrative building and we are still moving the office function to the new corporate offices near St Pancras Station.

All work was completed on time and within budget, as a small recognition of these achievements the HS1 IT team which I was a key component of is a finalist for the Techworld IT team of the Year 2008 Click here. I won’t be able to attend as I will be at TechED 2008 (IT Pro), I think we have a good chance of success on the night, but that’s based on the Terminal 5 fiasco and not on the other finalists entries as I have no insight into what their nominations are for.

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