Microsoft Certified Master – Content

 I have been very proactive in trying to ascertain what content is on the MCM:AD course.
This is an extract of one piece that I have had.

I’ll throw a couple samples out of level 300 content in a module, there will be more produced after the July rotation, and for sure before the November Public class.

I’m writing these on the fly, and they are not out of our documentation yet, so take it for what it’s worth:

1) AD Replication
     a. Understand Replication Internals
          i. Be able to troubleshoot and repair broken replication for common issues (secure channel, beyond TSL, name resolution dependencies ,etc)
         ii. Understand USN Rollback, and how to correct any potential failure points
     b. Understand design concerns around Sites & Services topology
          i. Effectively use BASL, Sites Links, Site Costing, Change Notification or other advanced features.
2) FRS or DFSR
     a. Understand how FRS and DFSR function (and differ)
          i. Understand common issues with FRS, and how to repair them, such as Journal Wrap, Morphed Folder, and Auth/Non Auth Restore.

Those are a couple samples which might help set the tone for level 300 scenarios. Remember the class will start content at 300, but will go in and out of 300-350.  The overall gist is you should be able to “design”, deploy, maintain, and fix things that are broken in most of the 5 categories (ADDS, ADLDS, ADFS, ADCS, ADRMS).  ADRMS, ADFS, and ADCS will most likely have the highest level of newbie’s during the class, and we understand that so the content for those will most likely slip back to level 250, so there are more basics, but for the ADDS you should really know your stuff.

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