Windows Logon Types

Windows has multiple logon types and often appear in the Windows event logs – this is what they translate to.

Logon Type 0 = System Only
Logon Type 1 = unknown
Logon Type 2 = Interactive Logon
Logon Type 3 = Network
Logon Type 4 = Batch
Logon Type 5 = Service
Logon Type 6 = (proxy logon)
Logon Type 7 = Unlock Workstation
Logon Type 8 = Network Clear Text
Logon Type 9 = New Credentials
Logon Type 10 = Remote Interactive (Windows XP and newer operating systems only).
Logon Type 11 = Cached Interactive
Logon Type 12 = CachedRemoteInteractive
Logon Type 13 = CachedUnlock

If you know of anymore or what a Type 1 logon is – please let me know.

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