TechED Europe 2010 (8th-12th November, Berlin)

TechED Europe is Microsoft’s premier European technology conference, well actually it is more than a conference – it’s a social networking event with a huge helping of Microsoft technology thrown in.

This year TechED Europe returns to Berlin, Germany from 8th to 12th November (not the 1st to 5th November as originally advertised).   Last year’s event was a sell-out attracting attendee’s from all over Europe and further afield.

If you can attend, I would highly recommend doing so – not just for the learning experience but for the opportunity to network with your peers.  I personally have attended TechED since the mid-nineties and have found each year a worthwhile experience – I miss having them in the summer and watching  the football  (European and World Cups) with an international audience as this is always entertaining but there are plenty of other activities to do.  

The conference usually has a theme for the week and is usually around the technology that is current or they think you should need to know; without having any inside knowledge, I expect this year will focus around “Wave 14” and associated technologies such as Office 2010, Exchange 2010, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

The Exhibitor area is usually worth a visit too, you can review the latest hardware with Dell and HP; review Storage with EMC and Hitachi and meet the application vendors such as Quest and McAfee.  Over the years I have  noticed that all the vendors share one thing in common; in that they are all genuinely interested in you and not just the corporation that you represent.

Registration is not live yet but will be soon but until then check out what happened last year, oh and if you are wondering – TechED Europe 2011 will not be in Berlin.

TechED Europe Website

Oh and if you do attend – tell them Mark sent you.

** UPDATE** See TechED Europe 2010 Update.

4 thoughts on “TechED Europe 2010 (8th-12th November, Berlin)

  1. Thanks for this post, Mark! We’re currently working hard on TEE10 planning and will be creating an email list that people can subscribe to get updates on the upcoming event. In the meantime, you can get updates as they are announced by following us on twitter:

    -Amy, Campaign Owner for TEE10

  2. Dear Mark,

    your link “** UPDATE** See TechED Europe 2010 Update.” (the one linking to a EUR500 discount for early registration) stopped working.
    Could you check please?

    Kind regards,

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