Attending TechED North America or Europe on your own for the first time?

I have been back from the MVP 2010 Summit now for a couple of days and I think I am nearly over my jet leg.

On Monday 15th, I was asked to record a video for TechED North America and TechED Europe, this was great fun – I am not sure if the content will make it passed the edit room floor, but it was a great experience that I have learned a great deal from it.  Tuesday – Friday was spent interacting with the product groups and listening to the corporate ideals, all genuinely very interesting.

The first part of MVP Summit week reminded me of when I first started attending TechED in the late 90’s – I knew very few people in attendance if any and if I wanted to have a good time and speak to someone more that the breakfast waiter then I was going to have to “make an effort” to interact. So I did – I put a few tweets out and found out where everyone was socialising and I made friends, some from the UK that I had met once or twice and some from further afield such as Holland, Singapore and Bolivia.  This turned out to be my best move of the week –  so if you are thinking of attending TechED North America or Europe on your own, with a little bit of effort you will not be for long,  you can get to meet a lot of likeminded people with whom the next time you attend a TechED you will get to socialise with them – as a friend.  So I might see you in Berlin or perhaps even New Orleans. 

Twitter Me on @markparris and we can have a beer or a glass of wine.

Register for TechED North America New Orleans 2010

Register for Berlin 2010 – Coming Soon.

Top Tips

Things to do before you go

Register for the Infuencers/MCP Party.
Register for the DoubleTake Party.
Register on the relevant TechED Facebook page.

Things to do when there

Find out where the product group parties are and get an invite.
Socialise, use Twitter and check regularly the events facebook page.

One thought on “Attending TechED North America or Europe on your own for the first time?

  1. I’d also recommend the magazine parties…one of our customers has us collect the invites at the booth for him since the magazines all want me to advertise with them. These are fun and free. Since you’re not their target market you won’t get sold to either!

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