Active Directory: Issues and looking for a helping hand?

If you are looking connect with fellow Active Directory administrators, architects or perhaps the people that design the product, then I would strongly urge you to check out Tony Murray’s mailing list.

The list which started back in January 2001 provides a  forum for discussing various aspects of Microsoft’s Active Directory technology.  

Tony Murray has provided a little more insight into the excellent

Tony writes:

“I had the idea to launch based on the mailing-list discussion forums I was participating in; for example, there were some great Exchange mailing lists where the contributions from Microsoft employees, MVPs and other gurus were invaluable.  At the time (January 2001), Windows 2000 was getting into its stride but there didn’t appear to be a good mailing list forum for Active Directory.  Seeing a gap in the market, as it were, I launched the site purely as a vehicle for the mailing list.   Exchange MVP Martin Tuip provided a lot of early help and publicity.  Some time later a friend and work colleague (Matty Holland) helped me rebuild the site using DotNetNuke. 

Matty and I now run the site together. The idea behind the move to DotNetNuke was to allow subscribers to write AD-related articles for the community and to post them on the site. The article idea has been slow in attracting support – largely due I think to the recent explosion in personal blogging.  The mailing list remains the focus of and the membership is now nearing the 2000 mark. 

The list has been successful largely due to the low signal-to-noise ratio (a problem for many list-based forums).  I’d like to say that this is because of the unique and skilful way in which I manage the list (ha ha) – but really it’s down the solid core of regulars who set the tone.”

The ActiveDir list features some of the foremost experts in the Active Directory arena; including Joe Richards, Laura Hunter, Brian Desmond and of course Tony himself.  There are lots of silent members on the list too and don’t be surprised to get a reply from the product group or even Don Hacherl (Don was Lead Development Manager at Microsoft for Active Directory). 

The list is free and if you can’t find the answer to your Active Directory issues via the list, then you probably have issues that can only be resolved with devine intervention.

Registration Information

A point to note is, the list does not like hotmail or live addresses at the moment, due to some issues on Microsoft’s part.

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