How to get Microsoft Podcasts on to your iPod (easily).

I am one of those people that loves technology and I always like to keep my knowledge up to date. One way I “used” to stay informed, was with Microsoft’s Podcasts on iTunes; but this content was getting a little stale and did not appear to be updated very often.


One day when I was not looking for anything in particular, I stumbled across the TechNet Radio Website (UK Version) and the first thing I noticed was the content and the fact that some of it was dated a few days previous; but why was the content not in iTunes as part of TechNet Radio?  I soon stopped asking that question, because I was presented with another.

On the page I noticed TechNet Radio Feeds with RSS, iPod and Zune links.


Clicking on the iPod link I was presented with an what looked like an RSS Feed, but what do I do with this? I assumed something in iTunes.


Opening iTunes, I started to look through the menus until I saw “Subscribe to Podcast” on the advanced menu.


Opening “Subscribe to Podcast”,  I cut and paste the URL from the “TechNet Radio iPod feed” into the dialogue box and clicked OK.


The podcast directory in iTunes now had this listing:


So I now had iTunes, syncing with Microsoft for the latest podcasts, but was I missing any other “channels”?

After a little “bing fu” I found the Microsoft Podcast Page and added other ones relevant to me to (note if  “Subscribe to Podcast” already has a URL listed, replacing it with a new one, will not remove the feed already in iTunes).


I am now once again keeping up with Microsoft technology… on my iPod.

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