Lenovo “Open File – Security Warning” after installing Windows 7 Drivers.

Over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend, I spent some of my time rebuilding my laptop.

The last time I rebuilt my laptop – Windows 7 had just RTM’d; all the drivers were still beta and Lenovo offered very limited Windows 7 support.  This time Lenovo had all the drivers readily available and Windows Update took care of the rest.

After rebooting my laptop, I started to get “Open File – Security Warning” errors on logon.  To me they looked like the kind of error you get when you download a file through Internet Explorer and it has been blocked.


So I decided to see if they were blocked and to my amazement they were.
(Navigate to the file in question, right click and select properties).


A quick click on the Unblock button and the problem went away on the next logon – I must admit though, I find it a very odd thing for a Windows 7 Driver/executable to do.

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