The Microsoft International Customer Advisory Board (ICAB) and the TechNet Wiki.

In February, I had the good fortune of attending this years MVP summit; during the summit I met a lady called Brooke Chapman, Brooke is responsible for the newly formed  “International Customer Advisory Board (ICAB)”, the ICAB is still in its embryonic stages but once fully formed, the International Customer Advisory Board (ICAB) will be a community of IT Pros who advise Microsoft’s Server & Cloud Information Experience group on content innovation.  ICAB is dedicated to helping Microsoft determine priorities and identify gaps in its current content strategy and weigh in on content innovations

If you are interested in joining no matter where you reside, please email me and I will have an invitation sent out.

Through my connection with Brooke and the MVP program I was asked to arrange a social research and interaction session on the new TechNet Wiki. The session was hosted by Eric Battalio, a senior program manager from Microsoft in Redmond whose idea the Wiki was.


The purpose of the session was to discuss the TechNet Wiki and the associated community: what works, what needs improvement, governance, etc.

Prior to meeting Eric last night I was personally struggling to understand the benefits of the TechNet Wiki over other forms of detail such as a personal blog – I now understand what the Wiki is trying to achieve and my understanding Eric’s vision is that much clearer, for example.

If you create a blog article – you may not have time to go back and update it as things change or if small detail has been missed; but if the content was on the Wiki anyone could update the article – keeping the post current and relevant – the original posting will always be yours and there is nothing stopping you posting to the wiki and your own blog.

If you are looking to raise your profile in the IT Community then posting content to the wiki will promote your name and should drive people towards your own personal blog.

After last nights informal session with Eric, I would now strongly recommend to anyone that is interested in Microsoft technologies to register for the TechNet Wiki and be part of the community.



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