Google Latitude Statistics – Home, Work and Other…..

I am not a big Google product user but one of their applications which I use on a regular basis is Google Latitude.

Google Latitude interfaces with Google maps; which shares your current location with people you have chosen to share it with.

Google Latitude seamlessly integrates with my Blackberry 9700 and my wife’s Blackberry 8900 allowing us to know where the other one is (this is great for when I am nearly home, as she knows when to put the kettle on, but not so good when I am in the pub). It also helps to track down a misplaced Blackberry.

Looking through the Google Latitude website today, I noticed that I can easily obtain summary reports of where I have been.

These I found of great interest and are only as accurate as the phone signal itself but I should imagine that they are accurate to within a small percentage.

Last week:

I spent 44 Hours at work (not sure how Google knows this is work).

I spent 72 hours at home.

I spent 35 hours out somewhere else.

And 17 hours Google latitude did not know about  (24 x 7) – (44 + 72 + 35) = 168 151 = 17

I find this information quite interesting as it shows that I am not always in the pub.

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