Windows Operating System Internals–Training in London.

Back in April as part of the UK TechDays week, I arranged an evening session with Dan Pearson of David Solomon Expert Seminars on Windows Crash Dump Analysis and Windows Performance Troubleshooting and Analysis, everyone who attended thought it was an excellent session and very worthwhile.

Dan is back in London this October to teach the full 5 day course on Windows Operating System Internals, I am thinking of attending and if you have some spare training budget, I would recommend this course without hesitation.

Course Insight.

This class, aimed at both developers and IT Professionals, describes the internals of the Windows operating system kernel (both 32-bit and 64-bit and updated for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2) and related core components and mechanisms such as memory management, thread scheduling, interrupt processing, time accounting, security, and crash dump analysis. It shows you how to dig into the system with advanced troubleshooting tools, such as the Kernel Debugger and key tools from Sysinternals such as Process Explorer and Process Monitor.

If you’re an IT professionals deploying and supporting Windows servers and workstations, this class will help you help you troubleshoot difficult problems as well as understand the true meaning behind key system performance counters. Developers benefit by being able to understand the platform more deeply, which enables understanding performance trade-offs as well as being able to debug system level issues more effectively.

Full Details can be found here

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