I bumped into Dean Wells, from the Identity & Access (IDA) product group last week at Microsoft’s Offices in Reading. Dean mentioned that he would be repeating his session on the Impact of Cloning and Virtualization on Active Directory Domain Services, that he delivered at the 2010 MVP Summit. The session is an absolute must for anyone who has or is thinking of implementing domain controllers in a virtual environment.  The schedule builder is not live live yet, but look out for it when it is.  

SIA320 – Impact of Cloning and Virtualization on Active Directory Domain Services

Customers are looking to further virtualize their environments: file servers, web servers, DNS servers and even their domain controllers. It is clear that virtualization provides many benefits in areas such as deployment, disaster-recovery and lowering TCO. However, while virtualization offers many powerful capabilities and greatly simplifies repetitive tasks, it is a technology that must be handled with care when used in conjunction with Active Directory. In this session we will review fundamental concepts within Active Directory and the impact of cloning & virtualization upon domain controllers, domain members and Windows in general. We will also discuss how to best leverage virtualization and how to both mitigate problems and avoid occurrences in the first place.

Who is Dean Wells?

Dean Wells

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Dean has been working in the information technology industry since 1987. His roles and experience have been varied and include software development, training, consulting and enterprise-systems design & implementation. Dean has been training and presenting for about 15 years and has hosted hundreds of technical training courses for end-users and Microsoft technical staff alike. He is also a commonplace speaker at popular industry events such as TEC and TechEd. Dean began working with Active Directory in 1999 in its various beta releases and, a few years later, was awarded Microsoft’s MVP designation in Directory Services and Security. In late 2008, Dean joined the Identity & Access (IDA) product group at Microsoft where he now looks across their various identity-related technologies and products to ensure they align with and solve customer scenarios and problems. Dean’s favourite chocolate bar is a Double Decker.

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