Microsoft Certified Master|Windows Server 2008:Directory

I am pleased to say that I recently achieved my Microsoft Certified Master’s (MCM) in Windows Server 2008:Directory.   The MCM qualification for me is the culmination of three weeks1 intensive training in Redmond, three written exams and an eight hour practical examination.

The core focus of my three weeks in Redmond was Domain Services, which to many people is Active Directory.  The Domain Services content, included deep dive sessions on Authentication; Replication; Backup and Disaster Recovery; Migration and upgrades; DNS, DFS, Troubleshooting and Group Policy.

1 The complete subject matter for the three weeks consisted of:

    • Active Directory:Domain Services
    • Active Directory:Lightweight Directory Services
    • Active Directory:Certificate Services
    • Active Directory:Rights Management Services
    • Active Directory:Federation Services

Currently I am one of three Certified Masters in the UK and the only freelance consultant; but my certification experience does not stop here, I now have to take a couple of exams on the 2008 R2 content and I hopefully then will be a 2008 and 2008 R2 Certified Master.  If you are considering taking your MCM Certification in Active Directory, please feel free to contact me to discuss the experience or if you prefer I can connect you with the program lead.


7 thoughts on “Microsoft Certified Master|Windows Server 2008:Directory

  1. i am planning to take up mcitp enterprise server. So tell me whats required to be an mcm as i am in india n not in USA

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