Teched Europe 2010 : My story so far.

This week I find myself in Berlin for Teched Europe, this is my first Teched in Europe since Amsterdam in 2004 (I usually attend Teched North America, as the dates usually fall better in my diary) and this is the first that I find myself working.

For approximately half the week I am working the Microsoft Springboard booth which is the ultimate destination for technical resources, free tools and expert guidance to ease the deployment and management of your Windows client infrastructure (Windows 7, Office 2010/2007 and Internet Explorer), the rest of my time I am split between sessions, the GITCA stand in the community lounge; the TechNet Wiki and actual sessions.

Working the Microsoft Springboard booth it is apparent that a lot of organisations are at some stage of a migration to Windows 7, which is encouraging news. The most common question has been “What is Springboard?”, this is answered above but other common questions have included:

Q. How do I learn to deploy Windows 7 via the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)?

A. All relevant information referencing the MDT can be located on the Deployment TechCenter here 

The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit can be downloaded from here.

Q. What is MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack)?

A. The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack provides Solutions in 7 key areas for the Windows Desktop environment.

Enterprise Desktop Virtualization
Application Virtualization
Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset
System Center Desktop Error Monitoring
Asset Inventory Service
Advanced Group Policy Management

More information on MDOP can be found here

Come say “Hello” if you are in Berlin.

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