Quest RMADFE – Getting the XML Export to work.

This week I have been implementing Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition.  As the implementation is a global implementation I have a requirement for more than one management console (if you know the product, you’ll know what I mean). The official documentation from Quest states that the process for this is:

Step 1: Export Data from Each Backup Registration Catalog to .Xml File
Step 2: Copy the .Xml File to the Forest Recovery Console Computer
Step 3: Provide the Exported Data to the Forest Recovery Console


Get-RMADBackup | Export-RMADBackup -Path C:\Backup.xml

Import-RMADBackup -Path C:\Import\Backup.xml | Add-RMADBackup

Straight forward enough, except it did not work.  It created a file with only one server in it and not all of the the servers that the server was responsible for backing up (and knew about). On closer inspection I noticed that the file when created was going 0K, 12k, 0K, 12K…, as if the server details were being exported and overwriting the last one, one at a time rather than appending to the XML file.  I managed to open a few of the files as they were being created and confirmed my suspicions.


I managed to get it to work by executing the following syntax wrapped in a PowerShell PS1 file.

$b = Get-RMADBackup
Export-RMADBackup -Path C:\RMADFE\backup.xml -InputObject $b

The XML files produced were now all over 1MB (and growing) so I knew that I now have a solution that works.

(NB. I got around step two by implementing a DFS-R replicated DFS-Namespace and saving all files and scripts in the replicated target.)

Hope this helps and saves you some of the frustration I went through.

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