Teched – North America 2011 – Thoughts and Photographs.


A couple of weeks ago I was at Teched in Atlanta, where I was working the Active Directory booth, with Brian Desmond and a few of the Active Directory product group.  It was an interesting week with all kinds of interesting questions, but nothing that had not been asked before and a couple of questions that had not been asked for a very long time, so the answer was buried very deep and Bing had to help on a couple of occasions.

One of my key observations was that there was no Threat Management Gateway Product  Team present, but if this little snippet is true, then it would probably explain why.

Deb Shinder’s Blog article: Death of TMG?

As always the networking at Teched was excellent and for me this is just as important as any of the technical sessions that you can attend.

Next year should be interesting with both Teched North America and Teched Europe only a week apart – could this be for anything special to be announced?  We shall have to wait and see.

North America June 11th-14th

Europe June 25th-29th


On a couple of the social occasions, I found myself armed with a camera….

Jam Session


Closing Party


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