The Channel Tunnel – French side, what a farce!

This weekend for the second time in less than a fortnight I used the Channel Tunnel; leaving the UK was relatively straightforward but once again the French side upon my return, what a farce!

Where the French side used to be relatively simple process of; checking in, visiting the shops and then clearing immigration – you now have to clear all three before they will let you hit the retail establishments, powder your nose etc.

Before being processed.

So after nearly an hour of waiting ‘to be processed’ and missing the departure of my train that I was well in time to catch, the thought of any retail therapy was not one I wished to explore and the only thing I wanted to do was get on my train home and thus skipped the retail, as did virtually everyone else as the car park for the retail outlets was almost empty.

Queue for French Immigration

I initially assumed that this was a very bad experiment, but after speaking to the staff both French and English, this is now pretty much the norm. They are all fearing the Summer Holidays and even more so next years London Olympics. I can only assume it must be costing Eurotunnel a small fortune in lost sales and I am sure it will soon be customers, because yesterday for the first time in years and due entirely to Eurotunnel’s own doing, the ferries seemed like a viable option once more.

Just in case.

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