Earth to Mark, come in please.


Last night I met up with a former colleague who was having leaving drinks and he noted that I had become somewhat quiet on here and Twitter, so I thought I should put pen to paper so to speak and provide an update of sorts.

The reason for my silence is purely time, along with my day job and family commitments, I am also currently studying for a degree with the Open University (not the kind of OU I am used to dealing with though).  A degree is always something I felt I was capable of, but when I was younger never had the opportunity to do. The degree I am doing is a BSc (Honours) Computing and IT. I am actually amazed how much of the first module (My digital life) I already know and understand but I think transitioning my business knowledge, approach and experience into academic writing and process is where I will find it a challenge, but this is where my tutor Michelle will become invaluable.

I am at the stage of my career where I don’t need to do this degree for anything beyond personal accomplishment, but in the future when asked “What’s my degree in?” I can reply with an honest answer rather than changing the subject or feigning deafness.

As my studies progresses I will update this blog as I document my journey into the unknown.

4 thoughts on “Earth to Mark, come in please.

  1. Tell them that you have got a Master’s Degree from the University of Microsoft. It’s almost the truth…

    I did the same and closed down my blog based on zero time to attend to it.

  2. Hi Mark,

    I’m also doing My digital life and like you I have found that most of the material covered so far is familiar to me but the challenge of academic writing is something I am finding very interesting.

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