Who am I?

I focus on identity, having worked with Active Directory for over 20 years and specialising in mergers, acquisitions and domain consolidations my Active Directory knowledge is now augmented with Azure Active Directory enabling me to deliver on-premises and cloud based identity solutions.

I am based in the South of England and a holder of both British and Irish passports, enabling me to work freely within the UK and the European Union.

What Do I Do?

HR driven identity, integration of cloud HR solutions with Active Directory.

Active Directory
Active Directory provides the fabric for most organisations, enabling seamless authentication and authorisation

Technology Management
Technology Management, make sure your systems are managed in and out of your environment.

Azure Active Directory
Integration of Azure Active Directory with Active Directory delivering smooth integration between on-premises systems and the cloud. Extensive experience of SAAS integration and SCIM based application provisioning.

Past Experiences

To date
(2012 ā€“ 2020)
Currently working in the Identity and Infrastructure space for a large global company.

Microsoft MVP
(2009 ā€“ 2019)
Microsoft Identity MVP.

(1998- 2012)
Consultant specialising in Active Directory and its associated technologies. I acheived the Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) accreditation.