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Active Directory: Disaster Recovery (Recap)

In preparation for the Active Directory forest to be upgraded (to Windows Server 2012 R2), it may be prudent to re-evaluate Active Directory disaster recovery plans. Active Directory if configured correctly will just sit there […]

Active Directory: Forest Recovery – Whitepaper updated.

Microsoft have updated the must read Active Directory document on Active Directory Forest Recovery. “The guide contains best-practice recommendations for recovering an Active Directory forest if forest-wide failure renders all domain controllers in the forest […]

Quest RMADFE – Getting the XML Export to work.

This week I have been implementing Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition.  As the implementation is a global implementation I have a requirement for more than one management console (if you know the […]

Active Directory Explorer v1.3

The Windows Sysinternals team have updated the excellent Active Directory Explorer tool to version 1.3 AD Explorer can be used to navigate the AD database; view object properties and attributes; modify permissions; view an object’s […]

Active Directory: Forest Recovery

Microsoft have updated their Active Directory Forest Recovery whitepaper to reference Windows Server 2008 R2. Hopefully nobody every has to go through a forest recovery – but just in case the day ever arises  – […]