IT Department of the Year 2008

The project that consumed a lot of my life in 2007 was the new High Speed railway project (codename HS1). The common view is that this just consisted of Eurostar moving their train operations out of Waterloo International into St Pancras. Whilst Eurostar did complete this successfully overnight, we also opened a new maintenance depot … Continue reading IT Department of the Year 2008

Group Policy Preference

Something that I picked up from the Directory Experts Conference ( in Chicago last week was that Group Policy Preference's have shipped with Windows Server 2008 and have replaced the Desktop Standard product "PolicyMaker". The Application specific settings have been removed from the product (i.e. Microsoft Office) and they will be made available as a … Continue reading Group Policy Preference

System Center Essentials 2007

System Center Essentials - Will not install. I have several clients for whom I provide Active Directory support and Windows Management for, one of these customers required a reinstallation  of System Center Essentials, as the server we had installed it on originally was deemed to be not fit for purpose. When we originally installed System … Continue reading System Center Essentials 2007

Microsoft Deployment – Adding Mass Storage Drivers

After a lot of aggravation I managed to get the mass storage drivers working in my Windows Server 2003 unattended installation script. This then allowed me to create a master image for deploying to different Dell Servers. This is for a PERC 3/Di Controller, but should work on any controller if the  relevant sections are … Continue reading Microsoft Deployment – Adding Mass Storage Drivers

Directory Experts Conference 2008

Well I am back from Chicago where another great Directory Experts Conference (  has drawn to a conclusion for another year. The venue was the Chicago Hilton and as a conference venue it was okay; as a hotel it could do with some improvements/modernisation. The content was quite diverse, with much better co-ordination of session … Continue reading Directory Experts Conference 2008