Two features that I have configured on Facebook that I feel are worth pointing out:

Noise reduction (or increase).

Facebook has introduced a “subscribed” feature for your friends, this allows you to control the amount of noise that is generated on your profile.

The default is “Most Updates” which for most people is enough, but Mrs P., is constantly complaining that I miss a lot of her updates, so Mrs P is now set to “All Updates

If you are fed up of people requesting “more chickens” or to “come and blow up the invading pirates” then you can un-tick “Games” which will remove those updates from your wall.


Stopping unwanted “Friends” from being able to chat you.

When you add a friend to Facebook, there is an option to “categorise” them. I have categorised my “Friends” in to a hierarchy of sorts.


Now if I only want to chat with my family and turn off the feature for everyone else I know, select the “asterix” in your Facebook chat window and select “Limit availability


Ensure Only make available to “Family” is selected, now you will appear only appear in the chat list of your friends you have categorised as family,


If you have not categorised your friends you can do so retrospectively by selecting “Account” and then “Edit friends


I hope this helps and I will be documenting other Facebook features soon – but I am not a Social Media consultant – Eileen Brown of Amastra is.

I discovered this little bit of useless information today.

Up until sometime in 1970, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was the standard term utilised for time with no time zone offset. During 1970, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), devised the coordinated universal time (UTC) system.

The ITU wanted a single abbreviation for Coordinated Universal Time in order to reduce any confusion in multiple languages. The ITU could not come to a unanimous agreement on either the English acronym (CUT) or the French acronym (TUC), so the acronym UTC became the agreed-upon compromise.

So there we have it – useless trivia.