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The Microsoft Springboard team from Redmond will be in the UK en route to TechEd Europe (Berlin) on Monday 1st November, they will be delivering a five hour workshop on:

Office 2010 IT investments.

Key deployment strategies for Windows 7 and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack.

Opportunities for training and certification in these key products.

Why Windows 7 has received rave reviews from IT organisations and is setting records as the fastest selling operating system in history.

Tools, tips and tricks you need now to jumpstart the successful deployment and management of your Windows desktop environment today.

If you are interested in attending, then register today for the workshop and the opportunity to come and network with members of the US based Windows and Office Product Teams, as well as local Microsoft Technology Evangelists.

Microsoft have publically released the Facebook and Windows Live Outlook Connectors, to complement the LinkedIn and MySpace connectors that were made available previously

Outlook Social Connectors enable you to link your social networking profiles into an aggregated view, which for me is a huge time saver and reduces my need to visit the actual site as frequently as I may have otherwise done.

To install the connectors, Outlook 2010 requires an update (KB983403) so the connectors can be installed.


The KB983493 update can be installed via Windows Update or from the links below.

Update for Outlook Social Connector (KB983403)

32Bit Edition (osc-kb983403-fullfile-x64-en-us.exe)

64Bit Edition (osc-kb983403-fullfile-x86-en-us.exe)

Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Facebook

32Bit Edition (OSCFB-x86-en-us.exe)

64Bit Edition (OSCFB-x64-en-us.exe)

Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Windows Live Messenger

32Bit Edition (OSCWL-x64-en-us.exe)

64Bit Edition (OSCWL-x64-en-us.exe)

Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for LinkedIn

32Bit Edition (LinkedInOutlookConnector.exe)

64Bit Edition

Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for MySpace

32Bit Edition  (MySpaceForOutlook.exe)

64Bit Edition


Installation is easy with a license agreement and an Install dialogue.


Once Outlook is opened then you are asked to present your credentials.


Each account is then validated


and if you are successful then a confirmation dialogue is displayed.


Once installed Outlook 2010 presents a similar view.


Office 2010 has been available since April this year and Microsoft has made available a series of updates to improve the Office 2010 experience.

The updates whilst all grouped under “Office 2010 Cumulative Update for June 2010 KB 2259686“, they are in fact a series of invidual updates targeted at specific products that are part of the Office 2010 family.

Quick Links

Product Knowledge Base article number
FilterPack 2.0

Summary Detail

Product Knowledge Base article number Issue that this hotfix package fixes 
Project   When you use the Visual Reports feature in Project 2010, you receive an error message that states that you do not have access to the .mdb file.Some Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) methods such as FileOpen, FileOpenEx, and OutlineIndent, do not raise error messages when they should.

You copy formatted cells from an Excel workbook and then paste them into the Task Name column in Project 2010. When you click to select the Match Destination Formatting option from the Paste Options list, Project 2010 may crash.

Note If you use the option button directly, this issue does not occur.

You insert many tasks into a project that is connected to a server. When you save, close, and then reopen the project, all null (empty) tasks in the file are moved.

When you print or preview a project that has a dependency to a task and that task ends up as the last task on the page, the link line goes off the left side of the page

When you print or preview a project that has a dependency to a task and that task ends up as the last task on the page, the link line goes off the left side of the page toward infinity.

When you click Replace All, Project 2010 crashes. For example, Project 2010 crashes when you click Replace All to replace TaskName to TaskName2.

If a subproject task on the timeline is deleted from the subproject, the timeline data becomes corrupted, and tasks cannot be added to the Timeline view.

When you save a project as an XML file, the values that are in that XML file do not have a period as the XML decimal symbol. Instead, the values have a decimal symbol that is determined by the regional settings. For example, the values are the cost values. 

Access  Consider the following scenario in Microsoft Access 2010.You use a BeforeChange event or an AfterInsert event to update data. In a subform, you select a record and then create a new record in Connected mode. Then, you edit the form data. In this scenario, when you select the subform, the form data is committed and the event causes an update that displays the wrong subform data. 
FilterPack 2.0   Article is currently not posted
Publisher  Consider the following scenario:You create a merged publication in Microsoft Publisher 2010.
You close the merged publication.
You change the data source of the merged publication.
You reopen the merged publication.
You print or publish the merged publication.

In this scenario, Publisher 2010 crashes.

You use a non-English version of Publisher 2010. When you click Share in the Share with Template Community section, you are always directed to the English logon page.

Word  When you print from Word 2010 by using the scaling function of the print driver, you receive the following warning message:The margins of section 1 are set outside the printable area of the page. Do you want to continue?

After you click Yes, the scaling is incorrect and some text is cut when the document is printed. This problem occurs when the document size differs from the default paper size.

Excel Consider the following scenario:You have form controls in an Excel 2010 document.
You adjust the scale of the document.
You print the document.

In this scenario, the form controls are printed by using the actual size of the controls.

As per normal Microsoft Policy: Only apply hotfix packages to systems that are experiencing the specific problems documented.

MSDN and TechNet Subscribers who installed Office Professional Plus 2010 or Visio Professional 2010 before May 1, 2010 may not have all product features enabled.

Last week when I logged on to the TechNet downloads website, I noticed that my orignal Office Professional Plus 2010 key had now become a “Terminal Service enablement” Key and there were now new keys for Office Professional Plus 2010,  I did not think much of it until I read this article today

The product key you originally obtained from TechNet or MSDN is intended to enable Terminal Services capability. That product key enables installation and activation but does not enable all features. In order to use all of the functionality you must get the new product key that is now available. If you have existing installations of Office 2010 Pro Plus or Visio Professional 2010 with the original MSDN product key then you only need to configure the new key to activate the features. You can optionally use both product keys as needed but for new installations you should always use the new Office 2010 Pro Plus or Visio Professional 2010 key respectively.

It makes interesting reading because one of the things I was trying to do in Outlook 2010 was not working, changing my product key (full instructions in the KB) has now enabled this functionality.

If you are the an IT professional who is looking for information on how to plan, implement and maintain Microsoft Office 2010 installations then this publication will help. 

Microsoft have made available this download which provides how-to information on the recommended steps to execute specific deployment tasks, such as customising the installation; installing the Microsoft Office 2010 system on users’ computers; implementing the deployment in multiple languages and migrating to the new file format.


I am one of those people that loves technology and I always like to keep my knowledge up to date. One way I “used” to stay informed, was with Microsoft’s Podcasts on iTunes; but this content was getting a little stale and did not appear to be updated very often.


One day when I was not looking for anything in particular, I stumbled across the TechNet Radio Website (UK Version) and the first thing I noticed was the content and the fact that some of it was dated a few days previous; but why was the content not in iTunes as part of TechNet Radio?  I soon stopped asking that question, because I was presented with another.

On the page I noticed TechNet Radio Feeds with RSS, iPod and Zune links.


Clicking on the iPod link I was presented with an what looked like an RSS Feed, but what do I do with this? I assumed something in iTunes.


Opening iTunes, I started to look through the menus until I saw “Subscribe to Podcast” on the advanced menu.


Opening “Subscribe to Podcast”,  I cut and paste the URL from the “TechNet Radio iPod feed” into the dialogue box and clicked OK.


The podcast directory in iTunes now had this listing:


So I now had iTunes, syncing with Microsoft for the latest podcasts, but was I missing any other “channels”?

After a little “bing fu” I found the Microsoft Podcast Page and added other ones relevant to me to (note if  “Subscribe to Podcast” already has a URL listed, replacing it with a new one, will not remove the feed already in iTunes).


I am now once again keeping up with Microsoft technology… on my iPod.

Microsoft have made available the Office 2010 Group Policy Template files and Office Customization Tool.

The download comprises of Group Policy Administrative Template files and Office Customisation Tool files for use with Office 2010 applications.  The  template files in the download consist of ADM template files which can be implemented on any Windows Operating System or ADMX and language-specific ADML template files can be utilised on computers running at least Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008.

Ensure you read the Office2010AdministrativeTemplateFilesDownload_ReleaseNotes.doc
These notes detail late changes that did not get into the Office2010GroupPolicyAndOCTSettings.xls spreadsheet.

The language templates in this release are:

English (US)
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Chinese (Dialect?)
Chinese (Taiwan)


*** UPDATE***

There is a new Office 14 Template available in an ADM and ADMX format, both files are dated 3/6/2010. The updated files are not generally available as of yet. The updated templates resolve an issue with SharePoint 2010.